Blue Jeans Millionaire with Real Estate


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Fixer Jay P. Decima

$ Opportunities Galore
Jay’s Weath Building Secrets Work for You.

  1. How To Develop Wealth Plan
  2. How To Buy Properties 20-50% Under Value
  3. How To Write Offers that Get Accepted
  4. How Escrow and Title Company Works
  5. How To Determin The Right Price To Pay
  6. How To Make Seller Financing Work
  7. How To Attract 90% Money Partners
  8. Learn The Key Ingredients To Good Deals
  9. How To Sell Your Investor Skills
  10. How To Quickly Add Value For Profits
  11. How To Find The Right Realty Agent
  12. A Million $ Property You Can Duplicate
  13. Landlording – We Do It For The Money

Included in this study course:

  • Six full 60 minute studio recorded CDs.
  • Income property analysis form – instructions
  • 6 sample offers – Jay’s actual transactions
  • Assignment of real estate contract
  • Jay’s attorney approved co-ownership agreement for 90/10 money investor
  • How to prepare lemonade offers and save cash!
  • Cold call letter to purchase real estate
  • Location schematic – 5 investment locations.