Clyde Wilson

Clyde WilsonAt my seminars I will be joined by my good friend and financial wizard Clyde Wilson who dropped out of high school in 1950 when he was 16 years old. Clyde has mastered the ability to spot incredible opportunities and structure profitable transactions. You’ll never find Clyde without his special “crystal ball” which he uses to investigate various “what if” scenarios to improve cash flow, yields, and/or profits. Clyde has an easy, down-to-earth way of explaining how to build wealth and cash flow.

In 1954 Clyde bought his first investment property but lost money on it. Not one to give up easily, in 1959 Clyde bought a house for $199 down and $88 a month ( piti) plus another commercial property for $1500 down. Since then, Clyde has purchased single family homes, commercial properties, mobile home parks, mobile homes, industrial properties, subdivisions and more throughout the United States. In addition, he has parlayed his monies into building two 100-unit senior citizen facilities and eleven town home projects plus he has bought several International House of Pancakes and Jiffy Lube Centers. Clyde states he has a simple philosophy for his success in real estate investing, “When you purchase a property, you want income property not” out go” property so the property needs to have either break even or a positive cash flow from day one. If it cannot do either, walk away from the deal.”

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