Money Not Math

Gary Johnston & Clyde Wilson


Money Not Math

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Location: Santa Ana, CA; Atlanta, GA; Las Vegas, NV 
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It’s about money, not math!

Learn the basic truths about how to make money in real estate and notes with magic of the financial calculator. The lessons you will learn are a must if you plan on being successful investing in real estate and notes. Gain total confidence on how to make better investment decisions using this valuable tool. Over 3 days, you will master all of the functions of the financial calculator including uneven cash flows. One deal structured differently will more than pay for this incredibly valuable seminar!

The financial calculator is a simple and inexpensive tool that is unbelievably powerful in helping make important investment decisions and basically predict the future. Learn how to calculate a deal two, three, four different ways to see which way will produce the most desirable results. Really rich people don’ t think of all this number crunching and calculations as math — oh no… they think of it as MONEY! And you should too!

Now it’s your turn! Join me to learn:

How to Use a Financial Calculator to Make Daily Decisions

The Power of the Time Value of Money

How to Calculate Yields on Investments

How to Calculate the Time Left on a Note

How to Calculate Uneven Cash Flows

and so much more….
Read what people have had to say about this class and Gary’s teaching:

“This class was a good mix of “how-to”, book theory, and practical application using real deals.”
Ann Williams – GA

“Carpenters need a hammer, and doctors need a stethoscope…investors of all types need this course!”
Danny Williams – GA

“The most practical course I have ever taken.”
Bob Hadfield – OH

“The information is not only useful but applies to everyday life.”
Cindy Hadfield – OH

“Gary’s calculator financial training will be very, very helpful as this business is all about your money.”
Thank You So Much,
Keith Geckler – NC

“Thank you for all the information. The presentation on using a financial calculator and future wealth was very informative. I feel I received a lot more than I paid for.
Thanks for everything”
Saul Celis – TX

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