Increasing Your Cash Flow

Increasing Your Cash Flow


Jimmy Napier

Class Dates:
TBD – Contact us to request this class.
Locations: Santa Ana, CA; Atlanta, GA; Las Vegas, NV

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Learn from a Legend!

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Jimmy teach for the first time in five years!  For over thirty years, Jimmy has accumulated a series of cash flow and wealth-building tools and ideas. Many of these he transferred onto business cards that he could review before entering into a negotiation or transaction.

Jimmy is teaching a full two-day seminar based on his ideas on how you can increase your cash flow! Each one of his strategies is capable of saving you money, protecting your wealth, or increasing your negotiation power. There are ways to buy with little or no money and important clauses to include in your contracts, notes, and mortgages. Discover ways to finance property and ways to de-finance property.

These are tools and strategies you can use whether you are buying or selling, borrowing or lending. These tools and concepts will work for you whether you’re dealing with notes and mortgages or real estate.

Can’t get insurance? Need to raise cash? Do you have a negative cash flow problem? Would you like to be able to defuse a balloon note? Do foreclosures cost you too much? What clauses are important in a lease option?

The answers to all these questions, and more, are there in Jimmy’s ways to increase cash flow. Any one of them could be worth many times your investment in this seminar.

These tools and ideas have stood the test of time. These are the things that the wealthy and successful teach their kids. Can your kids do without the same information?

 Should you attend?

 Only if you want to have the tools you need to become financially free — and stay that way. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginning investor or a seasoned veteran; you need this information. Real estate professionals owe it to their clients to learn this information.

100% Money Back Guarantee!  After attending all two days of the class, if you aren’t completely satisfied, we will give you 100% of your money back.  What do you have to lose?  Sign-up today!

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 You know what it will cost you to attend.

Do you know what it will cost you to miss this opportunity?

Who Is Jimmy Napier?

A former farm boy from Chipley, Florida, who has amassed personal wealth and Knowledge by practicing creative real estate investing.  Jimmy is the author of the best-selling book Invest in Debt, a monthly newsletter entitled The Money Maker Report, and numerous courses on investing in paper and single-family homes.

He has been named twice by his peers as the Outstanding Educator at the Creative Real Estate Expo.  He has been selected as Exchangor of the Year for the State of Florida and has also been inducted into the Exchangors’ Hall of Fame.

As Jimmy said in a recent newsletter, “I want to teach classes that I feel are necessary for a person to reach financial security and be able to maintain that position in life.  The time value of money with present and future value concepts is the most valuable lesson I have ever learned.”

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