Don’t Get Voted Off of Real Estate Island by Mike Cantu


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Strategies, Theories, Game Plans, Attitude and More 

“All the good stuff I’ve learned as a full time investor for over 25 years, that really works, and that I can cram into 1 full day.  (I’m a buyer…not a speaker!)”
-Mike Cantu

Mike Cantu has been a full time investor for over 25 years.  He is one of the best wholesale guys in the country.  He also has a portfolio of rental properties.  If you want to be in the real estate investing business, this product is a must for your library.

Topics Covered:
*Current & Changing Market                       *Game Plans & Strategies
*Buying                                                                *Education
*Selling                                                                 *Attitude
*Renting                                                               *Conclusion & Wrap Up