Rental Properties & Management by Mike Cantu

Rental Properties & Management by Mike Cantu

My Whole Rental House Program from A to Z

Strategies, Theories, Game Plans, and More

“All the good stuff I’ve learned as a full time Landlord for over 27 years, that really works, and that I can cram into 1 full day.”
-Mike Cantu

Mike Cantu has been a full time investor for over 25 years.  He is has learned valuable lessons over the years on how to manage properties to generate the most profit with the least headaches.  If you are going to manage properties, this product is a must for your library.

Topics Covered:
*The concept                                                      *Forms & Paperwork
*The current Market                                       *Evictions
*Selecting the Right Property                      *Hiring a Property Manager
*Setting the rent amount                               *Game Plans & Strategies
*Tenant-Screening and Selection               *Attitude & Education
*Rules, Collections & Enforcement            *Conclusion & Wrap Up

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