Jimmy Napier

Invest in Debt

Written by Jimmy Napier.  Clyde attributes this book to having the biggest impact on his financial future.  It is a great book on how to buy notes and restructure them to achieve the highest yield.  A must for your library.

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Live at Caesar Palace by Jimmy Napier

The famous event that earned Jimmy Napier the “Outstanding Educator in Creative Real Estate” award at the annual Creative Real Estate Expo.

Available in CD (9 CDs) and MP3 (1 CD).

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Basic Paper Course by Jimmy Napier

Learn everything you need to know about paper from the famous author of Invest In Debt.

Available in audio CD (9 CDs), MP3 (1 CD) and video DVD (11 DVDs).  Video DVD also comes with a free MP3 version.

from $199.00Price:
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Get $mart Quick by Jimmy Napier

An in-depth interview with Jimmy Napier.  Get $mart Quick and wealth will follow.

Available in audio CD (12 CDs) and mp3 (1 CD).

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70 Cash Flow Ideas by Jimmy Napier

For 30 years, Jimmy has accumulated a series of cash flow and wealth building ideas.  Each one of these 70 ideas is capable of saving you money, protecting your wealth or increasing your negotiation power.  Comes with famous “Blue Cards”.

Available in audio CD (12 CDs) or MP3 (1 CD).

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Power of Negotiating by Jimmy Napier

Learn negotiating from one of the best.

Available in audio CD (8 CDs) and mp3 (1 CD).

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Back to the Future by Jimmy Napier

“Back to the Future” is a recording of Jimmy’s most recent seminar. If you were there you want this. If you weren’t there you need this.

Available in audio CD (8 CDs) and mp3 (1 CD) format.  

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Jimmy Napier Sampler

You can now get a taste of Jimmy Napier with disk 12 from 70 Cash Flow Ideas for only $5!  After listening to the sampler, if you decide you want to order the entire product, we will credit the $5 towards your future purchase.

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