Henry Dvorken


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23 Ways To Buy A Mortgage Note

Henry Dvorken has been inveting in notes for almost 30 years. In a two CD set, Henry takes you through the 23 ways to buy a mortgage note.  There a few ideas that will blow your mind.  You will hit the repeat button a few times when listening to these.  If you apply just one of the ideas off of these CDs, it will put money in your pocket.

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Making Money with Mortgage Notes

Henry Dvorken has been investing in notes for almost 30 years.  There is a lot of hype and expensive products in the market.  This is the best product I have found and it is a bargain.  One deal will easily pay for this product.  It is a step by step manual of how to buy and sell notes complete with forms.

Topics covered:
*Getting started                            *Finding the notes to buy
*Negotiating the purchase       *Where to find note buyers
*Providing your own forms     *Partials
*”Cash in 24 hours                        *Building your portfolio
*Building your network

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