Monday Thoughts – 04/26/2010 – The Real Question

A friend of mine recently introduced me to a fascinating man.  My friend knew I would enjoy his company.  He was an old cowboy that had been around a long time and had run cattle in several states.  He was a very smart business man and a really nice guy.  As part of the conversation, we were sharing some of the regulatory changes we are seeing in the real estate and investing arena with him.  Some are sweeping changes.  After expressing dismay about a few of the changes, he took a drink of coffee to collect his thoughts.  Then he said, “Now, I guess the real question is, ‘How can we profit from it?’”

What a great question!  It is not about how we can make money out of every situation but stepping back from the muck and looking for the opportunity in every situation.  It is so critical that we keep that positive, opportunistic, can do attitude in investing and life.  Give us lemons and we will make lemonade.  It can get discouraging (if you need a little, study the current financial “reform” bill being debated in congress right now), but we need to always step back when we start to get stuck in the muck and look for the opportunities.  They are always there; we just have to look for them.

How about you?  Are there changes in your environment that are getting you stuck in the muck?  Remember, the real question is…

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